Fermented Berries

Fermented berries are a great way of getting more fermented foods and beneficial bacteria into your body.  Many people, when they first start eating fermented foods, have a lot of trouble getting used to the sour flavor of sauerkraut or kimchi.  These have a light sweetness and are often a good way to transition into Read More →

This cauliflower rice recipe was inspired by a breakfast I had in my hotel while traveling in Indonesia.  I wanted to create a healthier version without any grains, and grated cauliflower is a great grain-free substitute for rice, and makes you feel so much lighter.  This cauliflower rice makes a really nice breakfast to have Read More →

Fermented Carrot Sticks

These fermented carrot sticks make a great snack or side dish, and are an easy way to get more fermented foods into your diet.  They don’t have the sour or spicy flavor that some fermented foods have and are a great way to get started on eating more of these foods.  Kids like them and Read More →