This paleo eggs benedict recipe is a healthier take on traditional eggs benedict.  When I first began the Paleo Diet, I would go out to breakfast sometimes and feel so deprived when I saw all the things I couldn’t have. Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfast dishes and I have been so happy Read More →

This cauliflower rice recipe was inspired by a breakfast I had in my hotel while traveling in Indonesia.  I wanted to create a healthier version without any grains, and grated cauliflower is a great grain-free substitute for rice, and makes you feel so much lighter.  This cauliflower rice makes a really nice breakfast to have Read More →


Most breakfast cereals are loaded with unhealthy grains, sugar, and genetically modified ingredients.  This super food gluten-free cereal is a healthier version of cereal containing the super foods goji berries and cacao, nuts, seeds, natural sweeteners, and spices.  This gluten-free cereal is also completely grain-free. Gluten-Free Cereal Recipe Print Gluten-Free Cereal with Goji Berries and Read More →