Health News Articles- March 2014

health news articles

Health News Articles – March 2014

Study in Sweden shows that the paleo diet works well for weight loss,

Study shows that the biggest temptations in dieting are friends, alcohol and late night cravings,

Harvard study shows the health detriments of fluoridated water,

An Italian court rules that MMR vaccine causes Autism,

Exercise helps to reduce chronic pain,

Foods to help ease anxiety,

Great news! California has another bill to get Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) labeled!
Read about it here,

Nutrition lies that most people believe.

Folks, this stuff is killing people… sugar

Experiments show that plants won’t grow near WiFi routers,

Forgetting things? Research shows that rather than having a senior moment, it might be that you know too much,

Tumeric helps to prevent cancer,

Feeling run down, boost your immune system with a walk in the woods, #walking

Exercise may be the most effective way to slow the aging process,

Studies suggest that stopping smoking may boost mental health,

Article lays out all of the benefits of massage therapy with studies to back them up,

10 most ?cancer causing foods. Folks, if you are eating any of these, please, please stop, ?#?nutrition?

Coke does a better job cleaning toilets than most harsh chemicals, proving it has no place in the human body,

Sleep problems wreak havoc on the immune system,


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