favorite-posts-april-2014-2Here are some great blog posts that I came across during the month of April.  I really enjoyed these and wanted to share them with you.

Dinner Recipes

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen.  This recipe is light, fresh and delicious.  When it comes to spring recipes, fresh is the name of the game and these fish tacos are as fresh as they come. They also happen to be   full of antioxidants, healthy fats, and protein and are gluten and dairy free.  She has a recipe for homemade salsa, but you can use a store bought brand if you want to save time.  I would also recommend using organic corn tortillas as corn is one of the most genetically modified foods and organic ones will not have any GMOs in them.

Chipotle Bacon Sliders from Savory LotusSliders are a perfect, quick and easy dinner idea.  They don’t require much prep, and they cook up in just minutes.  You can top them with just about anything.  Sauerkraut is my little ones favorite topping right now.

Salmon Burger from Ribas with Love.  As spring arrives it seems that our appetite is seeking a change.  The wintery foods such as soups and pot pies have served us well, keeping us warm and fed. But now its time for a change and this lunch menu idea is absolutely mouthwatering.  This is what a gourmet lunch looks like and can easily be made with a few ingredients you might find in your kitchen at any given day.

Lime Chipotle Corn Off the Cob by The Organic Kitchen.  I love a sweet crispy corn on the cob. But you know what I love even more? A sweet, spicy corn off the cob. This is The Organic Kitchen’s ‘Lime Chipotle Corn Off the Cob’

Dessert Recipes

Coconut Maple Freezer Fudge Recipe by Cheerfully Imperfect.  I love coming up with grain-free, nutrient dense recipes to treat myself and my kids with, since we rarely (if ever) buy sweets from the store. These treats are delicious and full of wonderful, healthy fats and are so satisfying! Plus, they only require 3 ingredients!

Superfood Cacao by Ribas with Love.  Learn all of the amazing benefits of this superfood.

Homemade Dark Chocolate from Running on Good.  This is a delicious, easy recipe with just a few simple ingredients.


Free Range Eggs: They’re NOT What You Think They Are from Healy Eats Real.  Learn the truth about free range eggs and the difference between them and pastured eggs.

Eating Seasonally in the Spring from Deductive Seasoning.  The reasons for eating seasonally are several: seasonal vegetables are more likely to be locally produced rather than shipped for long distances, foods in season tend to be more abundant and thus great bargains can be had and finally, foods are just yummiest when freshest.

Travel Tips

8 Tips for Eating a Paleo and Gluten Free Diet While Traveling by Grass Fed Girl.  In this post I want to help you by providing 8 Tips for eating a Paleo and gluten free diet while traveling. Many people follow Paleo and gluten free diets because they have health issues that are exacerbated by eating gluten which makes traveling a challenge.  By pre-planning you can enjoy your travels and stay healthy on the road.

Forgaging and Wildcrafting

Delicious Dandelions (A Recipe Roundup) from Little Owl Crunchy Momma.  Not only are dandelions good for us, but they are delicious. And, there are numerous ways to prepare them. I originally created this collection because I wanted to have one place I could refer back to that had all my favorite dandelion recipes. I hope that it has turned into something you will enjoy, too!


Herbal First Aid and Emergency Relief from Numen.  Learn everything you need to create an herbal first aid kit.

How to make your own vanilla extract from Little Owl Crunchy Momma.  Good quality vanilla extract can be very expensive and some brands contain gluten and other nasty ingredients.  This post will show you exactly how to make this yourself.  It is easy to make, lasts a long time and is inexpensive.

Mud Mask – The Best Kept Secret to Looking Radiant from Actual Organics.  Look radiant and beautiful this spring with a mud mask.

Soap Nuts – Best all-natural DIY laundry solution ever! by Cheerfully Imperfect. This is a simple, easy, all natural laundry detergent alternative.

Simple DIY Carpet Freshener and Deodorizer with Essential Oils from Overthrow Martha.  This is a great carpet deodorizer.  It is easy to make, inexpensive, and doesn’t have any toxic chemicals.


Strength Training Benefits for Women from Lindsay Dahl.  Despite the many benefits of strength training for women, only 20% of us do some sort of strength training on a regular basis. As women age, it’s particularly important that we build our muscle mass (which naturally start to deteriorate over time) and increase bone density.

How I Turned Pinterest into a Workout – with a treadmill desk!  by Cheerfully Imperfect.  Read about the creative way that this blogger set up her treadmill so she could do computer work at the same time.  Great tips to exercise, save time and money.

Runner’s Race Day Nutrition: Sports Gel Alternatives by Running on Good.  Have you ever wondered what’s in those Gu sports gels, Jelly Belly sports beans, and other mid-race sports products? I have. I’ve also been thinking, are there any healthier alternatives? I’ve done some thinking and research, and I think there is with proper planning and food/drink combinations.



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