About Susanne

SusanneHeadshot2I am a Functional Nutritional Therapist and received my certification from the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition School (FDN).  I am also a Certified Health Educator and a Certified Hypnotherapist.  Prior to my Functional Nutritional Therapy training, I worked in the healing arts for the past 12 years doing Massage Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

I was brought up in a very health and wellness oriented family and became interested in nutrition, holistic living, and mind body healing at a very young age.  I have followed a solid holistic lifestyle for over 20 years and have read several hundred books on health, wellness and mind body healing.

After taking antibiotics for a long period of time in my early twenties, my health deteriorated and I went on a long journey of recovery, and Functional  Nutrition, Hypnosis, and living a healthy lifestyle allowed me to restore function and recover and I am extremely passionate about helping others.

I live in Northern California and love spending time in nature, cooking, gardening, reading and have had a regular meditation practice for many years.  When I am not working or blogging, I can be found hiking, kayaking, going to hot springs, or at the beach.


Meditating at Burney Falls, Mt. Shasta, California


Hiking at Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley, California with the Law of Attraction group.


Kayacking at Lake Siskyou in Mt. Shasta, California








Cross Country Skiing at Mt. Shasta, California


At the beach in Monterrey, California


Hiking in Yosemite
















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