gift1These are the perfect gifts for all of your favorite people to support their healthy lifestyles.  There are gifts for kitchen gadgets, massage gadgets, exercise, detox and emf protection, stress reduction, cookbooks, and miscellaneous.  You should be able to find something here, even for your more difficult loved ones.

Kitchen Gadgets

1.  Spiralizer.  This is a great gadget for people wanting to cut back on wheat and carbs but who don’t want to give up noodles..  It makes perfect spiral noodles out of many different vegetables.  You can use zucchini, carrots, parnips, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes and more.  You can make spiral noodles for tomato sauce, lo mein noodles like you get in a  Chinese Restaurant, and potato spirals for hash browns.  The possibilities are endless.  I was sold on this after going to a friend’s house for the World Series.  She made a stir fry of zucchini noodles with chicken, capers and pesto.  It was incredible and the best part was that it is super easy.  I immediately got one and use it all of the time.

2.  Ice Cream Maker.  Commercial ice creams are loaded with sugar and all kinds of nasty additives.  This is the perfect gift for the health conscious ice cream lover.  I use mine every week and couldn’t get by without it.

3.  Juicer.   Juices contain extremely concentrated levels of nutrients that absorb into the body very quickly without having to be digested.  Juices are also  anti-inflammatory, energizing and good for your skin.  I have had this juicer for over 15 years.  It works great.

4.  Food dehydrator.  This is another great gadget for your health conscious loved ones.  These can be used to make all kinds of grain-free crackers, cereals, energy bars and even jerky.  This is the one I have and it works really well and has nine trays so you can make a lot of things at once.


As a professional massage therapist, these are the gadgets that I use and recommend.

5.  Back Massager.  This massage gadget attaches right onto the back of your chair and provides a strong massage whenever you need it.  It is perfect for office workers and other people who sit a lot and have back and shoulder problems.

6.  Thumper.  This is one of my most favorite massage gadgets.  This provides a deep percussion massage and can be used on any part of the body.  This is a must have for the massage lover on your list.

7.  Shoulder massager.  This gadget gets into the hard to reach spots around your shoulder blades.  It also folds up and is great for people who travel a lot.


8.  Rebounder.  This is a great gadget for home exercise.  Rebounding is great for a cardio workout but is very gentle on your joints.  The legs remove for easy storage and it is a great exercise to do while watching TV or a movie.  It also reduces cellulite, can help to improve the immune system, and it is really fun.

9. FitBit.  This is a great gadget for loved ones for want to get in shape.  This device goes on your wrist and measures steps, distance and calories burned and how long and how well you slept.


10.  Mediterranean Paleo.  If you have a loved one who is getting bored of being on the Paleo diet or doesn’t want to try it because they think they won’t have enough to eat, get them this book.   It definitely puts excitement back into the Paleo diet.  Not only does it have all kinds of great mediterranean recipes like moussaka, falafel, and paella but there are also recipes for Paleo pizza and pasta.  I absolutely love this book.

11.  Nourishing Broth.  Bone broth is very healthy and gaining in popularity.  This book is well-researched and talks about all the health benefits.  It also provides tons of recipes so you don’t get bored drinking it.

EMF Protection

EMFs are the frequencies given off by electrical devices such as laptops, iPhones and Smart Meters.  Studies show that these frequencies can cause harm to our physical bodies and there are strict laws in other countries.  These devices can help to protect your loved ones.

12.  EMF Pendant.  These pendants are not only beautiful but they also protect you from EMFs and negative energy.  I have had one of these for 4 years.  I was skeptical at first but it really works.  It is so pretty that a lot of people think it is an opal.

13.  Laptop shield.  This is the perfect gift for people who use their lap top a lot.  It blocks over 95% of the radiation emitted from your laptop.

14.  Headset.  iPhones give off a lot of EMF radiation and this is one of the best headsets to protect yourself from the radiation.

Stress Reduction

15.  Heart Math.  This is a device that plugs into your iPhone and through breathing exercises, it creates a synchronization between heart, breath and brain.  This device is well-researched and helps you to get rid of anxiety, improve cognitive function, reduce negative emotions and achieve a higher level of emotional stability.

16. Himalayan Salt Lamp.  These are beautiful lamps made from Himalayan salt.  It gives off negative ions similar to what you experience being at the ocean or near a waterfall.  These are calming, help to clean indoor air, reduce harmful EMFs and reduce stress.

17.  Aromatherapy diffuser.  This diffuser is perfect for the aromatherapy lover.  This diffuser creates a fine steam and does not use heat which allows the oils to hold up better.  I recently got one of these and use it every night.

18.  Aromatherapy pendant.  This is a  beautiful pendant that opens a hold a felt strip which you can place a few drops of aromatherapy oils onto.  When you wear it you can smell the aroma.  Aromatherapy oils can energize, calm, balance and detoxify.


19.  Sun light alarm clock.  Regular alarm clocks are very jolting and shocking to wake up to.  This alarm clock simply has a light that gets progressively brighter as you reach the time you have decided to get up.  It is a more natural way to wake up.

20.  Amazon gift cards.  If all else fails, this is the perfect gift even for the most difficult person.


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